【PRODUCT】Shan Er Agarwood Tea
【INGREDIENTS】Aquilaria Sinesis Leafs, Aquilaria Sinensis Branchs, Aquilaria Sinensis Wood
【SIZE】1.8g x 20 Sachet, 1.8g x 5 Sachet
【BEST BEFORE 】24 Month
【TEA TYPE】Green Tea
【SERVING METHOD 】Brew One Sachet Of Agarwood Tea With Boiled Water And Let It Infuse For 3 Minutes
【SUGGESTION】It Is Advisable That Drink Agarwood Tea One Hour Before Sleep. It Will Be Better To Drink With Appropriate Temperature. If The Tea Is Brew Too Long Or The Water Temperature Is Too Cold Will Lead To The Taste become too thick and with a bitter taste. This will eventually influence the original agarwood tea’s mild sweet taste .

Prevents Insomnia
(Sleeping Disorder)

Shan Er Agarwood tea is 100% caffeine free and unlike any other traditional teas which cause insomnia, it has the function of promoting better sleep. The natural components of agarwood tea leaves and wood held to balance our blood pressure, and calm our nervous system and promote a longer and higher quality of sleep.

Reduces Body Fats

Shan Er Agarwood tea acts as a tool to  promote weight reduction and reduce body fats; the main function of the tea is detoxification. This is mainly because Shan Er Agarwood tea is a natural diuretic that keeps the digestive system on track and lubricates the bowels. It also helps by flushing away     excessive body fats that are trapped in our digestive system. Unlike other types of slimming tea which may cause diarrhea, Shan Er Agarwood tea is safe to consume and has no negative effects.

Relieves Flatulence
(Stomach Gas)

Shan Er Agarwood tea is different from other teas. It can eliminate intestinal fat by detoxifying and nourishing the stomach. The main purpose is to help the gastrointestinal motility process to return to its normal state and achieve the effect of soothing flatulence by expelling the excess gas which has been trapped in our stomach.

Relieves Stress

Shan Er Agarwood tea’s mysterious acts as a natural sedative which can help to stabilize blood pressure and reduce tension. Its rich aroma, fragrance and unique flavor can help to relax muscles and calm the nerves. The tea also can enhance the immune system and improve circulation.

Reduces Uric Acid

Excess uric acid that cannot be detoxified is deposited the joints in crystal form, resulting in high blood concentration of uric acid. This will eventually lead to gout and other problems such as diabetes. Shan Er Agarwood tea helps to neutralize our body acidic level and helps to reduce the level of uric acid.

Relieves Thirsty

Shan Er Agarwood tea has its own unique flavor and lasting appeal. The unique after-taste is pleasant in the mouth and throat. However, our Agarwood tea is absolutely 100% free from added sugar. Besides slacking thirst, Agarwood tea also can help to reduce body heat. Therefore, it is a recommended daily drink for everyone: children and adults, men and women.